Evaluating MECC

Incorporating evaluation within programmes from the outset will help to evaluate what benefits they introduce and how effective they are. This is particularly important for new methods, although will also help to continually evaluate more established tools.

Monitoring can take a number of different forms, any may include reviewing individual measures; organisational measures of staff engagement and motivation; the use of return on investment (ROI) tools; and review of qualitative and or quantitative data.

There are a number of tools to assist you: 


MECC Evaluation Framework

A framework developed to support the implementation of MECC and an aid for evaluating interventions and programmes.

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Weight management, physical activity and dietary interventions

An introductory guide to the evaluation of public health programmes and interventions.

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Evaluation of the Gosport Borough Council MECC pilot

Evaluation of a local pilot, used to set recommendations for organisations seeking to roll out and embed MECC.

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Evaluation report for MECC pilot in Wessex

A report evaluating the Wessex MECC intervention in a number of pilot sites.

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Article on MECC evaluation (2013)

A retrospective interview study evaluating the MECC programme.

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Screening and brief interventions for obesity

A randomised trial on obesity screening and the use of brief interventions for weight management in primary care.

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Everyday interactions: Measuring the public health impact of healthcare professionals

Guidance for healthcare professions to help measure their public health impact.

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Making the Vital Visible: Everyday Interactions

A blog post by Viv Bennett (Chief Nurse, PHEabout the launch of the Everyday Interactions toolkit.

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Work redesign and health promotion interventions

A literature review to evaluate work redesign and health promotion in healthcare organisations.

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Brief Interventions in Weight Management in Primary Care

A webinar on research into brief interventions on weight loss in the primary care setting.

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MECC Impact Videos

Films demonstrating the personal impact that MECC has had on staff and their areas of work.

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MECC in Practice

Healthcare professionals views of the Making Every Contact Count initiative – a national research project

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