MECC Link is a simple but flexible online tool that has been carefully designed to support an approach to positive behaviour change called 'Making Every Contact Count' (MECC).

MECC Link helps you to raise awareness, motivate and signpost people to help them to improve their health and wellbeing. MECC Link gives you access a full range of signposting information for health improvement, including self-care and national and local support services...and it does this all in one place by providing:

  • Easily accessible information on key healthy lifestyle topics
  • Suggested open questions using the Ask, Assist, Act model
  • Information on a range of primary Self-care tools and resources
  • Signposting to recommended national and local support services.

MECC Link has been developed by the Making Every Contact Network for Yorkshire and the Humber. The network recognised that people who were trained on MECC would lose the confidence to start a conversation if they couldn't access to the information they needed to help them to raise awareness, motivate and signpost them to sources of support.

For further information please contact: Chris Sharp, Workforce Development Manager, Y&H Public Health England Centre.